Save the children

For the run - Race4Survival - VIDEOFARMERS documented the association Save the children and different personalities from political and economic circle. The summary can be seen here.

Mahoshiva - Berlin

VIDEOFARMERS produced an image film for the exclusive glasses manufacture Mahoshiva. It put those exceptional individual pieces under the spotlight. Our product table and the images of the manufacturing, highlight the uniqueness of those glasses.

LEXUS Opener - Berlin

As an introduction to the new NX models, the guests of an evening event had to be brought into the right mood. VIDEOFARMERS used existing footage from the brand Lexus and produced a time lapse of the sunset, more specifically of the sun falling behind the local car dealer´s location. With the production of this opener, the themes, places and images were brought to one structure. A successful warm-up for this exciting event.


VIDEOFARMERS created a product film for the company PROGEO from Brandenburg. This film had the purpose to visualize their innovativ Monitoring System SMARTEX. The explanation had to be understandable and visually appealing. For this reason, we choose to implement a 3D model without texture, to intensify the identification for other homeowners. The fantastic voice-over from our speaker supports the whole film and makes it complete. That was an ingenious solution.


For the Interview Magazine Germany, VIDEOFARMERS developed a particular review. The offices from Moscow and Berlin wanted a cinematic association of different theme groups. The result is a colorful stream of beautiful images, stars and fun.


For the berliner label Juli&Jakob and their urban backpacks, we created a product film. Those handcrafted bags have different colors and size and all the pieces are variable, as well as the ways of wearing the bags. Our collaboration has been completed with product photographies for their website. Bags for farmers.


VIDEOFARMERS conceived multiple product films and photos for the coffee capsules online-distribution market leader. The whole product line has been set on stage and enlightened in our studio. This shooting turned up to a commercial for TV and internet for Germany. Versions were also made in french, italian and english. From now on, there is coffee for the farmers!


For the training institute in Information and Technology PC COLLEGE, VIDEOFARMERS produced an image film, which captivates, thanks to nice tracking shots and selected interviews. VIDEOFARMERS is also an available trainer, so he used his sensitivity for the depicted qualifications. Knowledge is fun!


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