Drone flight

VIDEOFARMERS goes in the air! Wether to document a construction site, an image film, or to capture impressions from landscapes, aerial shots enhance our world of images. Have a good flight!

Marie Lang & GYMONDO

Marie Lang is multiple world kick boxer champion. She has developed a fitness program In collaboration with GYMONDO. In addition to the VIP workouts, VIDEOFARMERS has produced this advertisement. Let´s get ready to rumble!


VIDEOFARMERS produced an image film for the biggest local transport service provider for bus and train in Germany. The challenge was to illustrate equally the 45 active subsidiary companies. But together, we can it do it!

MIA. - Biste Mode -

VIDEOFARMERS produced a video clip for the lastest single of the most famous german band Mia. This title matters a lot to the band, because it distinguishes itself from their usual music. Together we gave life to the text and its meaning in the warm and familial atmosphere of a pub. Cheers!

BMG Rights Management GmbH

BMG is an international music company, which manages the exploitation of rights for artists like The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, MC Hammer and many more. VIDEOFARMERS produced a short image film for this company.


For one of the leading company in the app tracking and analyse market, VIDEOFARMERS realized a product film for the global market. All the experience of our team was needed to highlight the complex facts covered by ADJUST. Together with ADEVEN, VIDEOFARMERS created the concept, from the original idea to the final product. And it was worth it!


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